No-Thinking Tour

April Bicycle Camping day 2

Lake, farm and Mountain

“All through the land an unenlightend person is hard to find.”
-Lin-ji (paraphrased)

Overnight I came to the decision that I wanted to sit in cafes, on beaches, in the woods, on the sound just taking things in. This morning dawned clear and bright and was going to be another in this series of “summer in April” days. I took care of business in camp and then rode down into Port Townsend. Now due to leaving spur of the moment like I did it was inevitable that I’d forget some stuff. I did pretty well as I keep all my touring gear in one bag and just need to load up from it. But somehow I forget my backpackers towel and the one thing that isn’t in that bag, my Victorinox knife. So I had some errands to do in P.T.. But first things first: I wasn’t going to visit Port Townsend without a stop at Better Living Through Coffee.

Port Townsend with Mount Baker in the distance

I managed to complete all my errands in PT but I ended up catching the ferry to Whidbey Island petty late. I feel I lingered too long in PT as my mood turned and in the end I was reasy to leave. But things were glorious on the water and once I was riding on Whidbey things were soon sorted. I took my usual route down Whidbey: back roads to Coupeville, Madronna Dr. along Penn Cove, hilly West Beach Dr, past the Gallery Golf Course and NAS Whidbey to Hwy 20. I kept a steady pace due to it being late but did take time to enjoy West Beach.

Penn Cove

As I passed NAS Whidbey jets began flying overhead in series. Having spent my high school years on the Island I knew what was going on: touch and goes.  The navy jets ere basically practicing landing and taking off on an aircraft carrier using a mocked up deck and two or three of them doing this in series. This would continue until about ten pm the boom jets audible throughout the region.  When I was growing up here there used to be a sign that said “Please pardon our noise, it’s the sound of freedom.”

Deception Pass State Park

Amidst the pervasive  sound of the jets I made my way up Hwy 20 to Deception Pass State Park. While I went here many times in my youth this would be my first time in the hiker/biker sites. And what great sites they are! A bit above Cranberry Lake, you take a short trail into the woods and there are six or eight sites off this trail. Once again I was the only occupant so I had my pick of sites.  I setup, cooked dinner and cleaned up. By then it was dark and the waxing moon was shining through the trees as I retired.

bright moonlight
shattered by trees
shines on my tent

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5 thoughts on “April Bicycle Camping day 2”

  1. Nice! This PacNW weather is great for a tour right now, up until Friday at least. I thought about going on an overnight last night, but decided to go on a good ride instead. If I had an extra day off, I probably would have attempted a mini-tour!

    1. Yeah, basically my spur of the moment “plan” was to ride while the good weather lasts. So not breaking any new ground, just going to some favorites places within riding distance and camping. Getting out there basically. Hope you managed to take advantage of the nice weather yourself.

  2. Anyways, interesting that you camped at the hiker/biker at Deception Pass. I did that once, but still prefer the Bowman Bay campground on the north side of the pass. I need to get back there!

      1. I guess it’s an agree to disagree thing. While I do like separated wooded campsites more than close together camping, the hiker/biker for me when I was there five years ago was noise from the Air Station and raccoons trying to steal my food. Bowman Bay was a great view of the bay and the rising moon from my campsite.

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