Tour without a goal – 29 August 2014

Lake Isabella

got this far
drink some water
and go on

hungry ghosts
I had pushed it to Lake Isabella as Labor Day Weekend is a wildcard I had to take into account. In the end it would have worked out fine if I’d shown up on Friday afternoon – the campground has filled up but still plenty of spots left. That being said I was here at the lake and I spent an extra day here. There isn’t really all that much to do here without a boat and the temps got into the mid 90s (f) so I spent most of the day indoors. In the morning I rode into the town of Lake Isabella, stopping to check out the earthwork dam on my way in. The road is pretty bad, busy, no shoulder, and winding through big piles of rock. Not looking forward to riding it again tomorrow.

Moonset over Hungry Gulch

In town I ran errands, had lunch but spent the bulk of the afternoon in e library. I did run into a guy with a,crazily burdened bicycle pulling a large no made trailer. He had a cat carrier strapped to the handlebars with a small kitten and a dog was traveling with. He seemed a bit burned out but he was up on the Sierra-Cascade route and touring and had ridden himself up to Astoria. He talked about wanting to get back to the coast and noted he probably couldn’t do the mountain route with his load. At one point he noted, “You meet a lot of interesting people when you are on the road”. Indeed.

sitting under the Milky Way
listening to the blowing wind

I rode back to the Hungry Gulch Campground with a stiff tailwind to find a lot more people had arrived. People would continue to arrive into late in the night. Once the sun goes behind the hills it cools down. On this evening after the sun went down I noticed the sliver of a crescent moon which shortly thereafter set behind the scraggly hills. Once again I marveled at the panoply of stars which have been so outstanding on this tour. Here there is some lights unlike some of my destinations but still the milky way stands right out and familiar constellations are harder to pick out amongst all the other stars you can see. Really love these nights and will miss that.

over the barren hill,
between scraggly trees,
the crescent moon sets

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