Tour without a goal – 14 August 2014

Rubicon Point Lighthouse

Moon in mid sky, high
over the village hovels
and wandering on

I can see Nevada from my tent
It was really cold last night which I have to say I’m grateful for when I’m snug in my sleeping bag, but packing up this morning I could have used a sweater. Of course I was camping over 6000 feet! I was most of the way to Lake Tahoe and the bulk of the ride there was on the Tahoe Trail System. Really beat up grisly, and well used, but I was happy to be off 89 which was just streaming traffic into Tahoe City. I spent a decent amount of time in Tahoe City running errands, having lunch and the like. The city was really crowded presumably with the normal tourist crowd but there also appears to be a big Art Festival staring tomorrow. Furthermore there was also an active farmers market in progress which I happily visited and stocked up.

Lake Tahoe

The traffic on 89 around the lake remained heavy but I was still on trails at this point, which was particularly nice as there was a lot of road work in progress. The trails ran along the road, in the trees and occasionally along the lake. The lake is huge, it’s like one of those big bowl-like valleys I’ve been in, surrounded with mountains, but filled with water. The source of the wind of the last few days also seems to be the lake as the strong wind continued to flow right off it.


There was only one climb of any note and right at the top of it was the turn off to D.L. Bliss State Park. I stopped at their visitors center and was informed there was a hike/bike site here, but I had to basically ride down the hill I’d just climb into the ‘ground. I had examined the days ahead and determined that in order to not arrive at Yosemite on the weekend I should take a more leisurely pace over the next couple days. So I decided this would be a short day and I’d camp here on the lake. This was quite nice as I was able to hike out to the lake and see this old lighthouse that is little more than a wooden shack but was at one point the highest altitude lighthouse in the world. The lake itself was big and blue and the winds had died down. I spent some time just sitting on a rock gazing out at it. As I walked the trail I saw a paddleboat cross the lake and turn so that the setting sun reflected right off it.

half moon sailing
in the clear blue sky
this cold mountain morn

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