Tour without a goal – 12 August 2014

Lake Almeda

mornings are good!
leaves fallen
leaves yet to fall

the face in the tree
Mount Lassen is the end of the Cascade Range and today would be my first climbs in the Sierras. Things were still damp from the big rains of last night but the sun was out and it was warming right back up. As I rode out of Rocky Point my right shifter began to slip and shortly would no longer stay in gear always slipping to the highest gear. This was not good, though I could hold it in place. It was only a couple of miles to Canyon Dam which while it didn’t have a bicycle shop did have a kayak and bike rental place. I checked with he owner there, Robert, and he called the bicycle shops in Chester and Quincy for me. The wrench in Quincy said he could make something work and so I headed out on route.

Indian Creek

The route descended for a bit and then was in the Indian Creek valley which was big open fields surrounded by green mountains. At the end of the valley was a crazy canyon descent all in high rocky walls with minimal shoulder and Indian Creek rapidly bubbling alongside. Logging trucks roared through there along with a steady stream of regular traffic. It wasn’t much fun though it was really neat looking, all the exposed and water carved rock. A wind had picked up as well and as I’d round a corner I could be blown about. I was happy to reach the bottom but then of course had to climb out of it. At this in the climb out you could hear the trucks laboring up and get off the. I was pretty happy when I reached Quincy and made it to e bicycle shop.

cool mountain air,
cloud streaked sky –
chased downhill by trucks

The wrench really scoured the shop looking for a bar end shifter for me, it it was not to be found. In the end he jury-rigged a thumb shifter onto my stem which actually works fine for a total kludge. I ran a few other errands in Quincy and left late afternoon determined to put I a few more miles. The route of course climbed out of Quincy and I reached today’s summit: Lee Summit at 4439 feet. It didn’t really descend much but sort of went up and down along the Long Valley. Ranches and quite a few forest roads into the trees lined the road and to my right the Feather River. I turned more south and crossed the Feather and not far from there I was in Greagle where I camped at Movin’ West RV Park. Expensive as these places usually are but it had showers and WiFi and most needed laundry facilities. Also it was really quiet and the camping area away from the main site.

sitting in the cold mountain air
my thoughts turn toward autumn

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