Tour without a goal – 11 August 2014

Lake Alamor with Mt Lassen in the distance

to the sound
of flowing water
found my way down to the village

angels and Dutchmen
The campground at Lassen is at over 7000 feet of altitude so it as a nice rid down to the valley below. As it does it warmed up as I descended but big fluffy white clouds kept rolling in keeping things cooler. Things flattened out at this big valley with mountains all around and trees ahead. It clouded up enough that it began to rain hard enough I pulled over and put on the pannier covers. Of course it didn’t last. The route climbed a bit from here up to a PCT crossing. I pulled over to snap the traditional pic and found trial angels were there stocking the ice chests they leave for the hikers (Or they were stealing from it and were trail devils I suppose).

behind the gauzy clouds
the moon like a lamp behind
a paper screen

After that short ascent it was down to Lake Almanor and at this point I had to leave the route to get to some services. I rode into Chester where I was able to get lunch, supplies and give my little brother a birthday call – happy birthday Kev! I ran into a elderly couple on a tandem and these folks had ridden everywhere around here and elsewhere. They said they rode around 6000 miles a year! The gentlemen of the pair informed me at several points at he was a Dutchman and would cycle until his legs fell of. That gave me some tips on the route ahead including noting that the Laka Almanor trail is worth taking. While it is noted on the maps the main route stays on 89. Well I’m all for getting off the hwy so not only did I take the trail but i did some off-road riding on the dirt paths and gravel roads before the trail began, dipping on and off the hwy.

sheltered at the outhouse
I watch the sky break open

The trail itself was great; mostly in the woods with sections along the lake. No rail trail, it bobbed and weaver through the trees with plenty of short little ups and downs. There were two campgrounds at the end of the lake and I decided to stay at the latter one. It was a pretty short days ride but I the next couple campgrounds were private affairs and I had frittered away a lot of time in Chester. So I stayed at Rocky Point Campgeound which turned out to be a huge PG&E ‘ground. After dinner and such thunder began and then a torrential downpour. Hail followed. Everything was set up so I just hid out under the awning at the bathroom until it faded away with one last ominous peal of thunder.

two woodpeckers
hammer out a
syncopated tattoo

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