Tour without a goal – 6 August 2014

Elizabethan Theatre in Ashland

Now is the winter of our discontent.
-Richard III, William Shakespeare

another day, another play
On my second full day in Ashland I really just spent the day doing the last of my errands and recovering, so there is little to report. However the fine folks who run the Ashland Hostel offered to try and get me rush tickets to
Richard III which was playing this evening in the outdoor Elizebethan Theatre. Well not only did they manage to get me a ticket in a really prime seating location but they gifted it to me as well. They truly have been most kind to me hear but this was unprecedented generosity. So a huge amount of thanks to them for this as well as all they other assistance they’ve rendered me while I was here.

Richard III

Richard the III is one of Shakespeare’s historical dramas and is of course this hugely intertwined complex of characters and histories. See the Wikipedia entry for more info on that as I sure can’t do it justice. The Allen Elizabethan Theater in Ashland is a fantastic theater model on the Globe where Shakespeare put on the bulk of his plays. So just being in such a location adds a lot to the experience. They had very nice stage design with period appropriate props and costumes and the lighting and sound was perfect as well. But it is all about the acting and it was just top notch here. The actor who played Richard was just amazing. Cunning, witty, clever and filled with malice and guile. He could telegraph to the audience when he was deceiving people or being disingenuous for his own gain. All the rest of the cast was excellent as well but he really carried the show. So really an excellent way to cap my time in Ashland. I’m definitely ready to get back on the road, but I’m feeling refreshed in body and mind after my stay here.

what am I doing amidst these throngs of people
when my heart is in the trees?

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