Tour without a goal – 3 August 2014

Wizard Island in Crater Lake

peaceful in mind
getting up going to bed
in mountains

lightning fires
Today’s long climb was back up to a Crater Lake and the high point on the rim of over 7000 feet. Of course I did this yesterday unloaded and I didn’t it find it too tough in that condition. It was definitely more work with e full touring load but not overly rough. On reaching the rim I did once again,pull off at the overlooks to enjoy my remaining time with this fantastic natural wonder. The day was somewhat overcast and it was still smokey but it was a lot more clear than yesterday. I could see much better in the crater and make out details of Wizard Island and the craigy rim reflecting in the deep, blue water

Another Side of Wizard Island

It was only six miles from reaching the rim to Rim Village where my time with Crater Lake ended. It was almost entirely downhill from here to. Prospect – over thirty miles. It warmed up as I descended and the arid high altitude landscape became more filled in with green undergrowth. I also began to ride along the Rogue River which is a rapidly flowing stream cutting right though lava rock. At one scenic viewpoint I could look right down steep rock walls to the white water below.

like beams of light
through stained glass
butterflies dance on the wind

Just outside of the tiny burg of Prospect is one of the rare Cyclist Only Camping: Buck Mountain Ranch. Basically a farm with a nice wooded area down by a creek that couple who run the place let touring cyclists stay at. Petty nice, the only downside being a huge pump continuously running to provide irrigation in this hot, dry summer. But not so bad, they turned it off around dark. I always really appreciate these people that make space available for touring cyclists.

Sun setting over Buck Mountain Ranch

through the trees
the sun rises a wavery red
in the cold smoke filled air

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