Tour without a goal – 31 July 2014



in the high lake country
After yesterday’s deluge and a damp morning I spent extra time hanging up everything wet in the sun and let them dry out a bit. Once I was on the road after only five or so miles of riding along Elk Lake and in the thin woods I came upon Lost Lake Campground and Resort where I’d planned on staying last night. The info sign indicated they had showers and so I pulled right off. Clean and refreshed I returned to the road at nearly noon. It was warm now though not yet truly hot and whole there were hills things generally trended downward. The terrain was all formed by volcanic eruptions a 15,000 years ago (and earlier eruptions) which has thin nutrient poor soil. So the trees are thin, the undergrowth minimal. But there are all these lakes and just to east is the real Oregon desert so you get a wide variety of birds and insects.


Davis Lake is in this valley where there was not only poor volcanic soil but there had been a massive fire a few years ago. The trees were all burnt husks, the shrubbery gone and the lake down In the valley looking like a glass of water spilled into the dirt. This was about the last of the Cascade Lakes and only a few miles on I turned away. But at this point there is no camping on route until Crater Lake 50 miles away. As I’d already ridden near fifty miles already this was not an ideal situation. So I ended up riding five miles or so in the opposite direction to Crescent Lake where the USFS campground was only lightly occupied. As I set up thunder boomed and lightening flashed but there was not a return to the rain.

transparent lakes in ash
blackened sticks of trees
– dragonflies darting around

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