Tour without a goal – 15 july 2014


The distant mountains
are reflected in the eye
of the dragonfly

It had been nice and cool overnight on the lake which was quite a relief I must say. Trying to get the bulk of the ride in before the heat of the day I did not linger in camp. You have to climb out of the Chelan Lake valley and it’s a stiff exposed set of switchbacks for over a mile. But then it’s a lovely descent down a shady canyon all the way down to the Columbia River. Heating up but the rover I ink helped it was a nice ride amongst the high, hills, all exposed rock, scrub and mesquite.

like twisted wire, grey remnants of shrubs
poke out of the fire blackened ground

In fairly short order I arrived at Entiat where I had intended to stay last night. Well it turns out the park there was closed for what looks like a complete renovation, so I really dodged a bullet there. Then I reached the edge of the ongoing Mill Canyon fire. All the way down to the road the brown lands are scorched black with piles of ash, and blacked dots where little plants had been. Fire crews would be seen heading up valley roads at least one of which was closed off.

when you reach Deadmans Hill
you don’t expect things to go well

It was 99 degrees (F) when I reached Winatchee and left the Columbia River behind. It wasn’t much past noon and the temps would continue to climb. The route tries to keep,you off the now busy hwy 2/97 but hy doing so takes one up and down the canyon walls. The steepest bit of climbing so far was on Deadmans Hill. In the heat this pretty much sapped my remaining strength. Happily it wasn’t too many more miles to camp, though it was in the beginning stages of he climb up Blewett Pass.

hazy from wild fires
the sky glows pink, as the sun
sinks behind the hills

The last campground before the summit of the pass is Blu-Shastin RV Park and Campground which I’ve stayed at before. I was able to camp right on the Peshastin River and once the sun descended behind he hills it cooled down nicely.

sitting on a rock
listening to the river

Check out a few photos from this day over on Flickr.

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    1. Today is suppose to be the peak of the heat. So hopefully that is the case. It is better at higher elevations anyway. I was expecting the heat in SoCal at the very least but this has been petty unexpected.

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