Tour without a goal – 14 July 2014


like misty moonlight,
watery, bewildering —
our temporal way

It didn’t cool down much last night which certainly led to a fitful night sleep. I knew it’d be another hot day so I made an attempt to leave earlier than I have been. But just a couple miles back on the road, after a brief pit stop for a raspberry smoothie (really appreciated its iciness), it began to sprinkle. Refreshing and cool I only wish it had lasted longer. I was riding along the Columbia River today and all the way into Chelan I had a tailwind. A hot desert wind by noon it had really whipped up.


I had business to take care of Chelan – lunch, shopping and laundry and by the time that was done it was later in the afternoon and plenty hot again. As I looked down the valley I could see black threatening clouds with that thin grey sheeting that denotes rain. I decided to camp at Lake Chelen State Park which is 11 miles or so up the lake right before the route climbs out of the valley. A big, play oriented family campground it’s not what I typically seek, but it does have a hiker/biker area (an open field above the beach) and as I was setting up the storm broke. Thunder and lightening and rain,though not torrential rain. This all cooled things down and while it quickly cleared up the sun soon went down behind the valley walls and it was a pleasantly cool evening. As I went to bed the reddest moon I’ve ever seen rose above the lake casting a long orange shadow.

after the storm
a blood red moon
rises over the lake

A selection of photos from this day can be found on Flickr.

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