Tour without a goal – 13 July 2014


the moon this evening,
and in the whole wide sky
not a trace of cloud

it gets hotter as you go down the valley
I lingered at the Barn enjoying the facilities and the shade of its trees. But eventually I wrapped things up and hit the road for the short ride to the historic town of Winthrop. I needed a bit of supplies so I lingered there as well. Ended up having lunch at the Old Schoolhouse Brewery. Once I finally left town it was truly hot. The route descends down the Methow Valley which is like a mirror version of the Skagit Valley I rode into the mountains. Along the Methow stream, hills and barren mountains to the sides and irrigated pasture land. Of course outside the stream and the irrigation it is all browns and tans. It was 103 degrees fahrenheit when I reached Twisp and all I can say is that thankfully the route is mostly downhill. I rode almost all the rest of the way down the valley but pulled off right at the end. Ther was a painful climb up for a couple miles and the. I arrived at Alta Lake State Park where I’d be staying the night. It was dry and dusty and the lake is like a gap in shear rock walls filled with water. And it never really cooled down all that much.

siting under the apple tree
in the hot morning sun
forgetting myself

Check out some photos from this day over on Flickr.

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