Tour without a goal – 10 July 2014


“Let one walk alone, committing no sin, with few wishes. Like an elephant in the forest.'” – The Dhammapada

the narrow way
The road now narrows into a single path across the mountains but with many branches. I’ve ridden this path twice before and while the features are constant the details are ever changing. I spent a bit of time on back roads riding in trees and in the hot sun when in the clear cuts. Rushing brooks, babbling over stone strewn beds frequently crossed my path. For a time I followed the Cascade River and then crossed over it and shortly thereafter I crossed the Skagit and I was back on hwy 20.


Hwy 20 will be my path for many miles and it is a glorious road. I do so love this initial stretch from Marblemont to Newhalem. Along the achingly blue-green Skagit River, carved between tall hills and yes now real mountains it remains mostly flat for ten or more miles. Waterfalls, are frequently seen as are darling little feeder streams and stone strewn rock faces. You have to just take it in – there is too much to see and way too much to photograph. Just get into the flow and let the sights and the sounds in and let them go. This is what I tour for.


I acquired some supplies in the little company town of Newhalem – last store until Mazama on the other side of the mountains. Then the climbing begins. The other two times I’ve crossed the pass I’ve stayed at Colonial Creek Campground which is the last ‘ground before the long climb. At around a 1400 feet elevation one gets a bit of a start on the climb over the pass as well. Plus it has a nice walk in site away from the rest of the ‘grounds and is on a river and a creek as well as Lake Diablo.

a tiger swallowtail floats across my path

See a selection of today’s photos here.

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