Tour without a goal – 5 July 2014

Written by robert on July 6th, 2014

Atlantis at Mount Walker

Exhausted, I sought
a country inn, but found
wisteria in bloom

soft summer rain
July gloom today, with low clouds and a on and off drizzle that sometimes would increase to a gentle rain. Again following families routes, but almost twice as much riding as yesterday and much more up and down. The first half was all winding along Hood Canal with dives into stream carved coves and the subsequent climbs out. The longest climb was up to a “pass” that takes you between Mount Walker (pictured above) after which you descend to Quilcene. Rolling hills along a valley where I caught a few glimpses of blue sky. I bought dinner supplies in Chilicum and then it was a mostly flat ride the last ten miles or so to Old Fort Townsend State Park. The campground was again full, but the hiker/biker site, which is well away from the main ‘ground, was completely empty. More drizzle as I set up and cooked, but there among the trees it wasn’t so bad.

purple flowers line the way
dripping moss on rock walls –
soft summer rain

See all of today’s photos here.


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  1. says:

    Familiar names and sites as well as cooking and camping in a drizzle of rain.

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