Tour 2009: Packing List

This year I’m doing a three week tour along the West Coast of the United States.  Over the next couple of days I’m going to post some of the information from my tour document that I always produce. This document includes the basic itinerary, my packing list, routes and maps that I’ve worked out myself, address and directions for any important destinations such as booked hotels, transportation and brewpubs and so on.  I’ve found that its good to have all my tour information in one place but for the last couple of tours I’ve been putting bits of it online as well as its been basic information about the tour. This first post is my packing list, containing the bulk of the items I’ll take on this tour. Over the next few posts, I’ll cover the bicycle, the route and a few other tidbits from the tour doc.

My packing list hasn’t changed much from my 2007 tour.  Nearly everything I used on that tour worked well and I will be using them again. Most of the items are actually the same items from that tour as I tend to favor items that work well, are built well and last. Most of the items below are tried and true, but new this year I’ve worked out a new power charging system as the solar charger I used last  tour did not survive the it.  I also found that it is more important to be able to charge AA Batteries as opposed to a powerpack so this year I’m using a system that recharges these batteries via my dynamo hub.  This is the newest bit of kit I’ve gotten so hopefully it works well. Otherwise I’ll be buying a lot of batteries…

Tour 2009 packing list


Bicycle: 2005 Rivendell Atlantis
Front Panniers: Arkel GT-18 Panniers
Rear Saddlebag:  Nigel Smythe Paladin


Tent: Eureka Spitfire
Sleeping Bag: Kelty Light Year CD 25
Pad: Therm-A-Rest® Backpacker ¾ Length


Stove: Brasslight Turbo II alcohol stove + Alcohol
Cookset: Snow Peak Trek 900 titanium cookset
Utensils: Titanium Spork,  REI Plastic Knife


Cell/PDA/Etc:  iPhone 3GS
Battery Charging ““ Ixon IQ+ with Ride and charge,  iPhone Charger
Camera – Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Memory:  SD ~5GB
Rechargeable Batteries AA x8


Multitools ““ Topeak Alien II / Leatherman
Topeak Mini Morph Pump
Spare tubes:  x4 40×700  tubes
Patch Kit, Tire Levers,
Fibre Fix Spoke x2,
Chain Lube,
Extra E6 Lightbulbs x2


Pants:  REI convertible pants
Shorts:  MUSA Riding Shorts + laundry shorts
Shoes:  Teva Sandals
Socks:  Thin Wool Socks
Undies:  Wool Undies (3 pair)
Shirts:  Flannel Shirt, Seersucker (x2), wool undershirt
Hat:  Riv Cycling cap
Other:  Wool leg warmers, Backpackers towel
Raingear:  REI Raincoat, Rainlegs


Floss/holder, tooth brush/paste, Deodorant, Sunblock, Dr. Bronners All-In-One Soap, Vitamins, Tiger Balm, Nail file, Advil, Vitamins, Lip balm, First Aid Kit, Moleskin, Small sewing kit, insect repellent


John’s Irish Straps, Twist ties,  Length of cord, Ziploc bags, Waterproof stuff sacks, Bungee Cords x2, Journal, Kirkendall and Spring, Book


Green Tea, GORP, Gatorade powder, Instant Oatmeal, Granola Bars, Emergency Meal (instant soup or the like)

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