Bombing Around

Bombing around Beacon Hill

Quickbeam on Cheif Sealth trail

Quickbeam at the southern end of the Chief Sealth Trail

I haven’t been riding the Quickbeam too much since moving back to Seattle. Seattle is a hilly city for a single speed, but I’ve been thinking I want to use it for commuting instead of my Atlantis and toward that end I’ve been waiting for some new gear. Primarily the small olive Sackville saddlebag you can see in the above picture.  I’ve mounted that with the Nitto Saddlebag Grip so that I can just grab the whole bag when off the bicycle. Other upgrades include Velo Orange hammered fenders that I put on a couple months ago, new waterbottle cages and dedicated front and rear lights.

After putting on the new bag today I thought I’d see how I’d do on the Seattle hills. So I took a rambling route up Beacon Hill and while wandering around up there saw a sign for the Chief Sealth Trail. Now I’d ridden at least a chunk of this trail not long after opened, but it was a diversion from a Lake Washington Loop and on finding it pretty hilly and in the wrong direction I only did a mile or so. It is indeed a hilly trail and is a good workout on a single speed. Overcast and grey today with light spitting rain, it was rather comfortable riding really. Only when I came home did the rain become steady if not very heavy.  Anyway I failed to bring my camera so only took a couple cellphone pics as seen above. A nice day of bombing around Beacon Hill and I look forward to riding the Quickbeam more.

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