May Micro-Tour

May Micro-tour - prepping the Atlantis

Prepping the Atlantis for tour

Mid-May brought the PNW some unseasonably spectacular weather: about ten solid days in the mid-seventies to mid-eigthies fahrenheit. After going through a weekend in the 80s (F) I felt that sweltering in my apartment was all well and good (I took some top notch twilight rides around town) but that I would enjoy the cooler weather of camping out at night. So I spent some time on Google Maps working out a route and packing up some gear. This was Monday May  5th and I decided that I’d leave on Wednesday the 8th — I had some work I needed to get done on the bicycle before setting out. I spent the next day doing this work along with packing and buying of some supplies.

On the bicycle I put my charging system back on, I did a thorough clean of the drive train (plenty of gunk left over from the cross country tour and winter riding), fiddled with the wiring to the rear light, adjusted the front deraillur (there was way too much slack in the cable), cut my kickstand a bit shorter and numerous other minor adjustments. Then I loaded up everything but the food, toiletries and electronics so I’d pretty much be able to depart within about 15 minutes of deciding to do so. I did make some changes to the setup this time around to facilitate some new gear (more on that as the reports progress), primarily moving my tent out of one of the front panniers and onto the free space at the back of the rack.  This did free up sufficient space and worked out well enough. It does make access to the saddle bag a bit of a pain, so I tried to keep things I wouldn’t want during the days ride there (clothes primarily).  I was pretty much all done by dark and ready for the next days departure.

This post will serve as the index for this Micro-Tour and I’ll update it with links to them  as I write posts for each day. These should follow on over the next four days, so stay tuned!

May Micro-Tour
Day 1:  Olympia to Rainbow Falls State Park (report, pics)
Day 2: Rainbow Falls to Grayland Beach State Park (report, pics)
Day 3: Grayland Beach State Park and Westport (reportpics)
Day 4: Grayland Beach to Olympia (reportpics)
Complete tour photo collection: May Micro-tour set on Flickr

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