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Atlantis on the North Oregon CoastWell I haven’t done so well this year on this blog, but honestly my blogging is down in general.  My reading of blogs is also down for what that’s worth.  Of course part of it I explained in the last post; I’ve been doing less longer, interesting rides, and I haven’t done as much hiking either as I’d been thinking I’d do. Furthermore I don’t have quite as convenient a way to carry a camera on the bicycle, as my on bicycle camera died and I have to use my larger (though nicer) camera. All this plus some general malaise has led to a bit of neglect on this blog. Well I aim to rectify this somewhat.  I’m not going to return to the heyday of the early days of this blog, I’ve come to find I prefer blogs that are updated once or twice a week max, or even just a few substantive posts a month.  This will most likely be the case here, though there will be near daily posts for tours as per usual.  Anyway I’ve begun the rehabilitation by completing the transition of all the interesting posts from the old blog to here.  All my touring, rides, pub reports and other substantive posts have been migrated over. I updated them as could, but there is bound to be some bad links, messed up formatting and the like. Let me know if you see any!  I do have a couple of interesting posts to put up in the next week or so and then it’s going to be Tour 2010, so keep an eye (or an RSS) open for those.

Some highlights from old blog:

And yes I realize I still haven’t put up my Tour 2009 pictures and edited those posts, but I’m working on it. I’ve put up a Tour 2009 homepage on my cycling site that links to all of the posts from that tour as well as to the photos that I uploaded during the tour. I’m going to slowly add photos, but they’ll use the same tag scheme and thus will automatically be updated at those link. I’m also slowly correcting the iPhone related errors in those posts and will inline a few pics as well as I do so. I’ll of course make another post here when its all done. For now, this post contains two fresh pictures from that tour which can be seen at larger sizes via clicking upon them.

Atlantis and Redwood

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