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Tour 2012 Day 20 - Heading down Washington Pass

Heading down Washington Pass

Current Status (06.14.14):  I’ve completed sorting and uploading photos through day 100, Bar Harbor, Maine. This completes the cross country tour. However I do still have photos from the days I spent in Bar Harbor and the return trip to post. Those however will have to wait until after this summers tour!

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Journey to the East: Seattle to Bar Harbor

Tour 2012 day 1 - Riding past the Sculpture Garden

Riding past the Sculpture Garden, Seattle WA

Stage 1: Seattle to Olympia 2 days; April 30th  to May 1st; 88.5 miles;

day 1:  Seattle, WA to Twanoh State Park: log, photos
day 2:  Twanoh State Park to Olympia: log, photos

Tour 2012 day 2 - Olympia, the state capitol

The Capitol Building in Olympia, WA

Interstitial Break I: Olympia WA 3 days; May 2nd to May 5th;

Day 3-5: Olympia: log

Tour 2012 Day 11 - Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery, the most Northwesterly point in the US

Stage 2: Olympia to Anacortes
10 days; May 5th to May 15th;  429.2 miles (517.7 total);

day 6:  Olympia to Lake Sylvia State Park: logphotos
day 7:   Lake Sylvia State Park to Lake Quinault: logphotos
day 8:   Lake Quinault to Kalaloch Campground: logphotos
day 9:   Kalaloch Campground to Bear Creek Campground: logphotos
day 10:  Bear Creek Campground to Snow Creek Resort: logphotos
day 11:  Snow Creek Resort to Cape Flattery and back: logphotos
day 12:  Snow Creek Resort to Harrison Beach Campground: logphotos
day 13:  Harrison Beach Campground to Sequim Bay State Park: logphotos
day 14:  Sequim Bay State Park to Fort Warden State Park: logphotos
day 15:  Rest day in Port Townsend: logphotos
day 16:  Port Townsend to Anacortes: logphotos

Tour 2012 Day 25 - reflected clouds

Reflected Clouds in the Colville National Forest

Stage 3: Anacortes to Glacier National Park
19 days; May 15th  to June 3rd );  780.7 miles (1298.4 miles total);
Washington, Idaho, Montana

day 17: Anacortes to Rasar State Park: logphotos
day 18:  Rasar State Park to Goodell Creek Campground: logphotos
day 19: Goodell Creek Campground to Colonial Creek Campground: logphotos
day 20:  Colonial Creek Campground to Winthrop: logphotos
day 21:  Winthrop to Okanoganlogphotos
day 22:  Okanogan to Omak: logphotos
day 23:  Omak  to Wauconda: logphotos
day 24: Wauconda to Kettle Falls Campground: logphotos
day 25: Kettle Falls Campground to Lake Leo Campground: logphotos
day 26: Lake Leo Campground to Skookum Creek Campground: logphotos
day 27:  Skookum Creek Campground, WA to Sandpoint: logphotos
day 28:  Rest Day Sandpoint: logphotos
day 29: Sandpoint Idaho to Bull River Campground: logphotos
day 30:  Bull River Campground to Libby: logphotos
day 31:  Libby to Rocky Gorge Campground: logphotos
day 32:  Rocky Gorge Campground to Lake Dickey: logphotos
day 33: Lake Dickey to Columbia Falls: logphotos
day 34:  Columbia Falls to Glacier National Park: logphotos


Tour 2012 Day 36 - Crown Jewels and Lake McDonald

Glacier's Crown Jewels and Lake McDonald

Interstitial Break II: Glacier National Park

1 day; June 5th; Montana
day 35: Rest Day in Glacier: logphotos


Tour 2012 day 38 - textured plain, with train

Train on the textured plain

Stage 4: Glacier National Park to Minneapolis/St. Paul
46 days; June 3rd  to July 1st; 1626.8 miles (2925.2 miles total);
Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota

day 36: Glacier National Park to East Glacier: logphotos
day 37: East Glacier to Cut Bank: logphotos
day 38: Cut Bank to Chester: log, photos
day 39: Chester to Havre: logphotos
day 40: Havre to Harlem: logphotos
day 41: Harlem to Nelson Reservoir Recreation Area: logphotos
day 42: Nelson Reservoir Recreation Area to Glasgow: logphotos
day 37-42: photos (unsorted for these 5 days)
day 43: Glasgow to Wolf Point: logphotos
day 44: Wolf Point to Circle: logphotos
day 45: Circle to Makoshika State Park: logphotos
North Dakota
day 46: Makoshika State Park, MT to Sully State Park: logphotos
day 47: Sully State Park to Dickinson: logphotos
day 48: Dickinson to Glen Ullin Memorial Campground: logphotos
day 49: Glen Ullin Memorial Campground to Bismarck: logphotos
day 50: Rest Day in Bismarck: logphotos
day 51: Bismarck to Hazelton City Park: logphotos
day 52: Hazelton City Park to Gackle: logphotos
day 53: Gackle to Yellowstone: logphotos
day 54: Yellowstone to Fargo: logphotos
day 55: Fargo, ND to Hitterdal: logphotos
day 56: Hitterdal to Hungryman State Park: logphotos
day 57: Hungryman State Park to Itasca State Park: logphotos
day 58: Itasca State Park to Big Winnie Campground: logphotos
day 59: Big Winnie Campground to Mississippi River Campground: logphotos
day 60: Mississippi River Campground to Castaway’s Campground: logphotos
day 61: Castaway’s Campground to Springvale Campground: logphotos
day 62: Springvale Campground, MN to Float Rite Park: logphotos
day 63: Float Rite Park, WI to Minneapolis/St. Paul: logphotos


Tour 2012 day 66 - Sun sets in the smoky sky

Sun setting in the smoky sky in Minneapolis

Interstitial Break III: Minneapolis/St. Paul
3 days; July 1st to July 4th; Minnesota

day 64: Maple Grove, Minneapolis: log, (no photos this day)
day 65: Walker Art Center, Minneapolis: logphotos
day 66: 4th of July in the Mill District, Minneapolis: logphotos


Tour 2012 Day 99 - Atlantis in Bar Harbor: love that four master

Atlantis arrives in Bar Harbor

Stage 5: Minneapolis/St. Paul to Bar Harbor Maine
38 days; July 5th “” August 3rd ;2352.7 miles (5277.9 miles total);
Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Ontario, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine

day 67: Minneapolis/St. Paul to Afton State Park: logphotos
day 68: Afton State Park to Frontenac State Park: logphotos
day 69: Frontenac State Park to Prairie Island Campground: logphotos
day 70: Prairie Island Campground to Red Barn Resort: logphotos
day 71: Red Barn Resort to Elkadar City Park: logphotos
day 72: Elkadar to Cascade: logphotos
day 73: Cascade to Blanchard Island Recreation Area: logphotos
day 74: Blanchard Island Recreation Area to Timbers Campground: logphotos
day 75: Timbers Campground to Waterworks Park, Henry IL: logphotos
day 76: Waterworks Park, Henry IL to Odell City Park: logphotos
day 77: Odell City Park to Iroquois City Park: logphotos
day 78: Iroquois City Park, IL to Fletcher Lake Campground, IN: logphotos
day 79: Fletcher Lake Campground to Kil-So-Quah State Campground: logphotos
day 80: Kil-So-Quah State Campground to Fort Wayne: logphotos
day 81: Fort Wayne to Monroeville: logphotos
day 82: Monroeville, IN to Mary Jane Thurston State Park, OH: logphotos
day 83: Mary Jane Thurston State Park to Milan Mobile Park: logphotos
day 84: Milan Mobile Park to Perry City Park: logphotos
day 85: Perry City Park, OH to Presque Isle, PA: logphotos
New York
day 86: Presque Isle, PA to Evangola State Park, NY: logphotos
Ontario, Canada
day 87: Evangola State Park, NY to Niagara Falls, Ont: logphotos
day 88: Rest Day in Niagara Falls, Ont : logphotos
New York
day 89: Niagara Falls, Ont to Holley, NY: logphotos
day 90: Holley to Hughes Marina and Campground: logphotos
day 91: Hughes Marina and Campground to Selkirk Shores State Park: logphotos
day 92: Selkirk Shores State Park to Brown Barn Campground: logphotos
day 93: Brown Barn Campground to Lake Eaton State Park: logphotos
day 94: Lake Eaton State Park to Rogers Rock State Park: logphotos
day 95: Rogers Rock State Park, NY to Hendersons Hideaway, VT: logphotos
New Hampshire
day 96: Hendersons Hideaway, VT to Wildwood Campground, NH: logphotos
day 97: Wildwood Campground, NH to Lakeside Pines Campground, ME: logphotos
day 98: Lakeside Pines Campground to Thomas Beach Campground: logphotos
day 99: Thomas Beach Campground to Mooring’s Oceanside RV Park and Campground: logphotos
day 100: Mooring’s Oceanside RV Park and Campground to Bar Harbor: logphotos

Interstitial Break IV: Bar Harbor
3 days; August 9th — August 11th; Maine
day 101: day 102: day 103:

Stage 6: Bar Harbor to Olympia
1 day; August 12th Maine, Massachusetts, Washington day 104:


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