The pub my destination

TPMD – Snoqualmie Falls Brewery

I’d spent this morning at the 2nd round of the Washington State primary as an alternate delegate for Obama. My services not required I decided that I’d make the trek up to Snoqualmie to finally visit the the Snoqualmie Falls Brewery. So the pub truly was my destination for this ride (read my report on this ride here). .

I’ve bought Snoqualmie brews in bottle form many times in the past and always thought of them a solid workman like brewery with nothing truly spectacular.  My favorites have always been their porter and what they call an “American Ale” which is probably the only Anchor Steam clone I’ve ever had. Bottle though is never a substitute for draft and any respectable brewery has draft only brews so I was excited to finally try their beers direct from the source.

I arrived mid-afternoon, quite hungry not having had lunch yet and having ridden for a couple few hours.  The pub itself is pretty small with maybe a dozen tables, a small bar and a little side bar like counter.  It was fairly full the main bar and all the tables fully occupied. So I took a seat at this side counter but was soon able to move to a stool at a little table.  I immediately ordered a porter (had to see how my favorite fared on tap) and perused the menu. The menu was fairly typical pub fare of pizza, sandwiches and salads. I ordered the Olive and Veggie sandwich and savored my porter as I waited.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewery
The bar at the Snoqialmie Falls Brewery.

Their porter is nicely chalky and while not rising up to favorite status a totally solid drinkable porter.  I find myelf often just wanting one good beer in the evening so I’ll often pick up a 22. As Snoqualmie Falls brewery seems to only bottle in 22s I often get their beers and their porter is of course my go to selection.  It was as good as ever, maybe a bit better on tap.  So on arrival of my sandwich I ordered their draft only Oatmeal Stout which was being served on a Nitro Tap.  This came with a huge rich head and as I waited for that to subsided a bit I devoured my sandwich.  The sandwich was completely edible if not remarkable. I’ll have to sample a bit more of their menu to make a real judgment on their kitchen but I can confidently say that one will be able to fill ones belly as one quaffs brews.

Inisde the Snoqualmie Falls Brewery
Inside the Snoqialmie Falls Brewery.

The Oatmeal Stout I have to say was fantastic.  Certainly not the best of the genre but a really great brew, thick, rich and creamy it almost seemed halfway between a Guinness and something like Rogues Shakespear Stout. Highly reccomended, just writing about it here is making me thirst for one.  I didn’t try their other nitro tap which was a Pale Ale but I will the next time. As should be obvious I’ll definitely be returning to this pub and really, is there a better reccomendation then that?

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