Journey to the East: Photos

Atlantis in East MontanaAtlantis in East Montana

Since returning from the terminus of my 2012 cross country bicycle touring I’ve been slowly (quite slowly alas) sorting through the thousands of photographs that I took. Now I was uploading photos as I went but these stopped around East Montana.  Why is that you ask? Well let me explain the setup I was using for this tour.  I had a Canon Powershop a580 Point and Shoot camera as my primary picture taking tool but also my 3rd generation iPad.  For the later I acquired a Camera Connection kit which allowed me to plug the SD cards that my Canon used for storage and transfer the photos over to it.  This I thought was an ideal system in that I didn’t need to carry lots of SD cards as the iPad with its 64GBs of storage could contain all of that. Plus I was then able to upload pictures taken from my “good” camera and didn’t need to take pictures with the iPad. The iPad itself I had protected in the toughest and best reviewed case I could find out there.  This nearly doubled it’s weight but my iPad returned from tour looking as new. However it turned out that this case had too narrow a slot for the Camera Connection adapter to fit in. I had gotten the case right before I left and hadn’t tested this (a big mistake) discovering it at camp the night after I left Olympia.  So what I ended up doing was taking a couple of pictures a day with the iPad to be used for the blog (and let me tell you there is nothing more awkward then taking pictures with a tablet) and then taking the iPad out of the case to transfer the pictures whenever I was not camping.

Looking back at GlacierLooking back at Glacier

While my iPad has a 4G connection I really didn’t want to devote time and battery to uploading photos every day (I did this on the last couple of tours and found it rather onerious). So I was uploading photos only when I had WiFi and was plugged in.  Thus I was uploading every week or so and while I’d try to do a few days worth each session, again I rarely wanted to devote tons of time to it. This worked out well enough until East Montana when the internal battery in my Canon died. It took me maybe three days to find a replacement for it as decent sized towns are pretty few and far between in East Montana.  During that time I had no time and date stamp on those photos and they all defaulted to December 31st, 1979.  While the iPhoto app on the iPad is pretty great (some aspects even better then the OS X version) it was not easy to look at things like the file number and compare it to other pictures and try to work out when it was taken. So basically I stopped uploading pictures at this point. These remain unsorted as of this post and looking at that album I can figure out where a bunch of them are taken but many shots of the endless East Montana plains all look about the same. Hopefully the file numbers will help though of course the pictures did go over two memory cards. Note that all of the pics in this post are from this set.


Back at home with all my photos transferred to the computer I began the process of sorting through all of my pictures. First off I wanted to get pictures from the first stage of the tour uploaded which I did pretty fast (also added blog posts for those days).  The next step was to create photosets in iPhoto for each day that would have a nice selection of photos.  These usually matched those I uploaded but might have a few extra pictures or some different ones of the same scene.  This is the process I’m in now and it is rather slow going.  I’ve made it through the first couple of stages of the tour but still have the bulk of it to go.  One thing I like to do for my tours is put up an “index” page with the days of the tour listed with links to the corresponding blog post and photos.  Well this requires the photos to be uploaded in order for this to useful. In the past it has often taken me a year or longer to do this. I’m trying to get it done faster for this tour but of course it is the longest tour I’ve done and thus requires the most work. So in a few weeks I’m going to put up the index page with however much is done and just update it as I go.  This will be a good activity to work on over the holidays and such when I’m visiting my parents but not doing blog worthy activities. Of course I do have some wrap-up posts w/r/t the tour that I want to do as well; hopefully I will get to those sooner rather then later.

All of the photos I’ve uploaded so far and all the ones to come can be found here: Tour 2012 Flickr Set

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