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The Mill Creek McMenamins
The Mill Creek McMenamins

My favorite form of cycling is the ramble, where I simple head out and ride and end up where I will. I may decide on a direction, or a set of roads I want to check out but there is no real destination in mind. However I do often pick a direction figuring that I’ll hit a pub that I know is a certain miles away. Always a vague plan and sometimes I’ll skip the pub if I turn out not to be in the mood, or stop at a pub I haven’t seen before. Now this isn’t something I do for every ride and it isn’t the excuse to ride but in the hot days of summer when I know that calories are being more rapidly spent along with liquids and electolytes the Pub isn’t far from my mind. Additionally due to my late start habits I often need to have lunch or dinner en route and pub fare is often a good choice. So from time to time I’ll document the recommended pubs that I encounter on my routes.

The Mill Creek McMenamins Beer MatLast Sunday I was off on the vaguest of plans. I have a few rides I like to do every so often and I was mentally weighing which to do. They were all to the north so I spent the first 8 miles or so trying to decide. As I hit the drop dead point I knew I need to get some food (and more importantly beer) so I choose to head toward Mill Creek where I happened to know there was a McMenamins Brewpub. Now this is an odd thing in my mind as the McMenamins are a fairly classy chain of pubs that specializes in retrofitting classic buildings into brewpubs. Based out of Oregon they have a number of locations in Washington but none so odd as the Mill Creek McMenamins. A couple years back I was riding up the Bothell Everett Highway in a general exploration ride (looking for the furtherest north I could connect to the Interurban Trail) and I saw in a strip mall a sign that said McMenamins. Thinking this couldn’t be the chain of brewpubs I had to pull over and see. To my surprise it was and I happily enjoyed a Hammerhead. Mill Creek is a strip mall based exurb of Seattle and while it has that Kamazotz feel that these places usually do it has all been built up recently and there is decent cycling facilities. Bicycle lanes on many roads and several little trail segments running behind the strip malls and through wetlands. Clearly an affluent area as there are a lot of nicer restaurants, shops and grocery stores. And a McMenamins which following the local look is in a strip mall. Its location is pretty good for the cyclist as it is just past the turnoff you’d take for the easiest route to the Interurban.

McMenamins makes a pretty good beer and I especially recommend the Hammerhead Pale Ale, their Terminator Stout and when something refreshing is needed the Ruby raspberry ale. They have a lot of seasonal and specials on Nitro which can be great on a case by case basis. I had a special Nitro IPA on this trip that was worth the trip. They also have excellent bar food with several things that makes a vegetarian like myself happy. I had a smoked mozzarella and pesto sandwich with tater tots. Good eats and drinks and with the free WiFi I was able to keep myself entertained while I recovered a bit from the hot humid ride. Also of good cheer is the outdoor beer garden where you can pull your bicycle right in so you can keep it unlocked by under watch. So this is a great pub in an unlikely location that is actually pretty useful for the northern rambles.

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