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Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 2

Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 2 - Campsite
Hiker/Biker site at Twin Harbors State Park

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”
“• Aldo Leopold, as seen on the sign to the beach.

October 10th: Westport and environs
The clear skies that ended my day yesterday made for a somewhat chilly night but eventually the tent warmed up and I had an all right night.  Since I rode here with my more minimalist touring setup I didn’t have a large stock of food so I decided to ride into Westport get some lunch and shop for supplies for the remainder of my stay.  I rode up the peninsula and bypassing the actual town of Westport ended up at Westport Marina at the tip of the peninsula. I rode into Westhaven State Park and on the waterfront trails and looped around the tourist shops around the marina. Eventuallly I locked up my bicycle and walked around the marina and the shops before having lunch.


Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 2 - Lighthouse
Westport Lighthouse

I always find it interesting to visit tourist towns off season. There are usually still be a few tourists (like myself) and much of the shops and such will be shut down giving the whole thing an air of sadness. The places that remain open usually are favored by the locals and you’ll find them there interacting with the proprietors in a much more relaxed way then during the high tourist season.  I had lunch at the Big Catch Cafe before returning to the waterfront trails to ride back toward Westport proper. The trails ended at Westport Light State Park which is right next to the Westport Lighthouse which seems to be operated by the Coast Guard. This lighthouse is pretty far away from the coast and is thus quite tall, in fact the tallest lighthouse in Washington State (more info here).  It was a short ride into the town where I found a grocery store and got some supplies.

Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 2 - walking through the stunted trees to the ocean
Walking to the ocean

After all of this I finally walked out to the beach. This involves walking through the campground, across highway 105S and then through a little wooded zone to the sand dunes. You have to trudge up seriously shifting sands to get to the sandy beach. Slogging through this sand it gets firmer as you approach the water. Firm enough to drive on, which alas they actually let people do. On a cloudy Wednesday in mid-October there weren’t many people out here and I only saw a few cars on the beach the entire time I was here.


Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 2 - The Pacific Ocean at last
The Pacific Ocean

I came here to spend time at the ocean; time to contemplate, to let the constant white noise of the surf wash away the monkey mind.  And this I did spending hours each day on the beach. This day I only spent time in the afternoon at the ocean due to the errands and exploration I’d done in the morning, but I had a nice time in the hours I was down there. The sky never did clear up as it had been forecasted to; it remained cloudy all day and in fact for the rest of my time there. As the light began to dim I returned to my campsite and made dinner. It was nearly dark by the time I was done and so I retreated to my tent for the night.


Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 2 - sand waves
Sand Waves

autumn Frogs –
not so much a chorus
as a lament

Rode 11.6 miles today,
98.2 miles so far in this excursion

More pictures from this trip can be found in my Autumn Bicycle Camping photoset on Flickr

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