Journey to the East: 2-4 May 2012

Tour 2012 day 1 - Olympia, the state capitol

Washington State Capitol building, Olympia WA

Ballad of the the Voyager

Ocean voyager, on heaven’s winds,
in his ship, far wandering…
Like a bird, among the clouds,
gone, he will leave no trace.

-Li Po

[note: I wrote these posts for the first couple of days of the tour after completing the tour]

The tour had barely gotten underway when I put it all on hold for a time. I spent the next three days in Olympia at a friends house taking care of business and recovering from the exertions of moving. All my remaining possessions are now in storage here in Olympia and a Post Office Box the closest thing to a permanent address. I’d been waiting on maps from the Adventure Cycling Association – the Northern Tier had two sections rerouted due to massive increases in traffic in the northern parts of North Dakota – and I got the set hot off the press. I used the time to reassess my rather overly heavy load and to lay in some necessary supplies. Trips to the Olympia Food Co-Op, REI and the grocery store completed my preparations. I ran most my errands on the bicycle, or on foot: keeping my hand in the game. It was cloudy and rainy most this week but there was sun forecast for the days ahead. Impatient to depart I awaked the opportune moment.

for the green shoots
to unfurl

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