Journey to the East: Some closure

Boxed Atlantis

My Atlantis disassembled just out of the box

Three weeks to the day that I dropped my Atlantis off at Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop it has finally returned to me. But damn did they overzealously break it down for boxing. I can understand much of the disassembly they did but was it necessary to take the bell off the stem? Or the waterbottle cages off the frame? Once the wiring for the lighting system had been removed why was it necessary to take the light off the (also removed) front rack? Oh well whatever their reasons it was all well protected and boxed up. There was one bit of damage – the pointy seat post lug point had gotten bent from them pounding a seat post cap into it. I was able to bend it back but can’t say that made me happy.

Atlantis reassembled 

I spent hours putting the bicycle back together and as the sun set had it ridable. I did a short ride around the block but much adjustment needs to be made. And then I need to remount my lights and bags and get her ready for some real riding. Great to have her back though – I was beginning to seriously question my ‘one bicycle’ policy after three weeks sans.

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  1. “I was beginning to seriously question my “˜one bicycle’ policy after three weeks sans.”

    All ya had to do was wait another week for everyone to return and sell their “Burning Man” bikes, since they “won’t need it” after the playa. That is, if you can stand bikes with fake fur glued to every surface. (God, wonder how much sand will be embedded in that fake fur.)

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