Journey to the East: 30 April 2012

Tour 2012 day 1 - Stream in Twanoh State Park

Stream in Twanoh State Park

“One right to which few intellectuals care to lay claim is the right to wander, the right to vagrancy. And yet vagrancy is emancipation, and life on the road is liberty: one day bravely to throw off the shackles with which modern life and the weakness of our heart encumber us, in a pretence of liberty; to arm oneself with the symbolic staff and bundle and run away”.

-Isabelle Eberdardt

[note: I wrote these posts for the first couple of days of the tour after completing the tour]

Forever on the way
Today I left my apartment (sorry aPodment) in Seattle where I’ve lived for the last nine months. When I lost my job last July I’d wanted to set out on this tour right then. But for various reasons that was not to be and I did the shorter tour I did last August. I spent the time in between that tour and today’s departure could be consider as preparation for this day: I lived in a tiny apartment with a bare minimum of stuff; making do with less as you do on tour. The winter was very contemplative and inward looking but by early spring I was itching to take off. A May departure was about as early as I felt I could head out (as of today Washington Pass has yet to open). So on this sunny, but chilly mid-spring day, I gave up my apartment and now homeless headed to the Olympic Peninsula.

On the Ferry

This was a route I’ve done several times – ferry to Bremerton, back roads to Belfair and up along the Hood Canal on the very enjoyable SR106. This was the most loaded I’ve been on this route with the fully loaded Atlantis and I have to say the hill in Bremerton coming up from the ferry wasn’t much of a good time. But after that and negotiating the highways I was on Old Belfair road which is great riding through the woods. It got even better as I rode past Belfair and turned onto 106 along the Hood Canal. Beautiful riding in the dwindling daylight along the water. Unlike the other times I’ve ridden this route for the first time I camped right on the water at Twanoh State Park. This early in the season the only people at the campground was the host and a couple of RV-ers. I was the only occupant across the street from the main campground at the hiker/biker/boater site right on the beach. I had a front row seat to the setting sun which painted the streaks of cloud pink and purple as I setup camp and cooked dinner.

More photos from today or the entire tour can be found on Flickr.

a fluttering moth
etched by the rising moon
this cool spring evening

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    1. Ha. Even if I did, I couldn’t manage to go back to April 30th…

      Actually I have kind of been wanting to do a bit of off road touring in the Cascades – just a three or four day kind of thing. But to answer your other question, no my bicycle has not arrived and I got to say I’m going a bit stir crazy without it.

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