Journey to the East: 11 August 2012


Between layers of clouds


How cool it is!
The clouds have great peaks
and small peaks


Water running down
Yestersay it had had been overcast and by evening rather cool (which I have to admit was nice). It started to rain when I went to bed and would continue to so until I got up before sunrise to catch my taxi to the airport. I packed up my went tent and other items in the rain and walked to the campground entrance to catch my taxi.The taxi service was overly conservative on the time needed to get me there that I arrived before the tiny Bar Harbor Airport had opened. They eventually showed up and let me in and after checking in, security and all the usual we were off n a tiny 8-10 seat twin engine prop plane. I can’t recall the last time I was on a plane this small. We went through layers of fog and cloud before ascending to where we could see the rising sun. Absolutely stunning views of mounds of clouds below and streaks of clouds above in the blue sky.

dwindling light —
above and below

Once in Boston I found myself with most of a day to kill as there had been no morning flights when I booked. So I took the bus and subway to Harvard Square which I hadn’t made it to last time I was in Bean Town. I mostly just looked through the many bookstores and every so often would hang out at coffee shop trying to keep myself awake and my iPad charged. I was happy to have a chance to see this part of town but i defimitely wish it had been a shorter layover. When the time came I retraced my steps to the airport and the journey home reconvened. First a short hop to Philly with yet another layover and then finally the flight to Seattle. Evening now, this would mostly be a night flight bringing me to the Emerald City near midnight. This last flight was long, packed and being completely exhausted now not much fun. Turbulent as well, from thunderstorms in Philly that led to a slight delay but for much of the rest of the flight as well. But I was just sitting there and eventually it came to an end. Thankfully a friend picked me up and drove me to Olympia and I was done.

This concludes The Journey to the East.

always traveling alone —
whether by myself
or with others

14 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 11 August 2012”

    1. Thanks Steve. I’ll definitely be doing a “denouement” post or two, try to cover some details I didn’t blog much about and my overall thoughts. Just need a bit of time for those thoughts to percolate sufficiently. I won’t let too much time pass though.

    1. Thanks Graham; the legs are definitely the best they’ve ever been. I did bring some music along, but didn’t listen to a lot. Mainly podcasts, but every now and again I’d play some music. Some Feldman, some Cage and at the end I was listening to a lot of Codeine….

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