Journey to the East: 10 August 2012


The naked Atlantis at the Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop


As I grow old
even the length of the day
brings tears.

All things must pass
This is my final day in Bar Harbor and I spent the bulk of it preparing for departure. I took the final ride of the tour: the 5 miles into Bar Harbor (plus a bit more as I ran errands) along the never fun 3 West. As has been the ritual the last couple of days once I hit town I went to The Independent Cafe, which easily has the best coffee I’ve had in Bar Harbor. Then it was errands with laundry being first, followed by shipping my panniers and gear home and concluding with shipping my Atlantis home. The Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop was taking care of the packing and shipping and once again the wrenches were super helpful and easy to deal with. Now all I have is a small duffel bag and the camping gear I need to sleep tonight. I spent one last afternoon wandering around Bar Harbor a bit and had one last meal of local seafood and then went back to camp. I’m leaving at the crack of dawn (literally) tomorrow so gonna try to make it an early night.

For those curious the total miles ridden since riding away from my U-District apartment in Seattle, WA has been: 5278. Look for more stats in a subsequent post.

almost nothing left now;
I bide my time
thinking of turning leaves

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