Journey to the East: 9 August 2012


The Atlantic from Cadillac Mountain

The spring sea —
all day long it rises and falls,
rises and falls
-Yosa Buson

Vanishing Point
If a tourist town can wear one down I always can find solace in the woods. So this day I spent at Acadia National Park riding the Carriage Paths and up Cadillac Mountain. These carriage paths are pretty fun – hard packed gravel paths, lined with stone the wend through this large park. Not entirely flat but overall easy riding – especially as I’d removed all but one pannier. Always weird that first ride without the full load. These carriage paths go by lakes, around hills and to the old historic buildings. Really beautiful park and while there was a stiff wind on this day being in the trees really made it a non-issue. Tons of people here but there are enough paths and the park is large enough that this was never an issue.


On the carriage paths

I ended up at Jordan House which has a restaurant and historic buildings around it. I ate a picnic lunch under a tree and walked around a bit. Then I hit the loop road through the park which was a bit hilly but had excellent views of the forests and lakes and off in the distance the mainland. When the turn off for Cadillac Mountain came up I decided to ride up. This was about 3.5 miles of steady climbing but the grades we mild and overall with the unloaded bicycle I found it pretty easy. The traffic was more of an issue but I think I lucked out there and while there was plenty it wasn’t continuous. The summit was 1535′ and from this height there we stunning views all around island: the woods stretching to the mainland, Bar Harbor, the Cranberry Islands and to the east the Atlantic Ocean merging into a painterly line at the horizon. This for me is the true end of the tour – the Atlantic endlessly in the distance just as the Pacific was the real beginning of the Journey to the East.

forgetting too much —
the wind in the trees
brings much back

vanishing point —
a smear of silvery white
merging with the blues

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