Journey to the East: 7 August 2012


Bar Harbor

Pushed on by a flowing wind I come out to the sea
-Hōsai Ozaki

Today I completed my cross country ride from Seattle, around the Olympic Peninsula to Bar Harbor Maine. This last day of riding was a bit mixed: most of it was on highways 1 and 3 and there was a constant flow of traffic on them. I was defintely feeling the effects of the last couple of days (weeks, months) but I mostly took it easy and enjoyed the ride. It was sunny and clear, humid but not excessively so and the wind was light and with me most of the time. There was one respite from the highways on a wooded ridgeline to the town of Surry where I stopped for lunch. Easily my favorite bit of riding on this day. There was some good hills getting back to the highway but then I was riding in serious edge city jammed with traffic. Once through that I rode past the airport, the one bit of the ride against the wind, across a bridge and was on Mount Desert Island. I immediately discovered that the state parks I intended to stay at were full and calling around the other campgrounds were filling up (I couldn’t bring myself to stay at the KOA). So I left the route and road to the Bar Harbor Campground to secure a spot. Having done that I returned to the route which wound around the island, mostly in trees with not much of a view and still tons of traffic everywhere. From the tiny town of Mount Desert (pronounced like the after dinner sweet) there was a good long climb up to the Acadia Park entrance. But then it was descending all the way to Bar Harbor, a classic harbor town with old brick buildings, wooden piers, a green square all of which was jammed with traffic and tourists. I made my way though the throngs to the pier and the end of the tour. Beautiful views of islands, the Atlantic and many boats. I walked down to the beach and placed my hands in the water – been a long time since they were in the pacific, Then I went into town to find a beer.

the Atlantic at last
cupping water,
I wash off 5000 miles


14 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 7 August 2012”

  1. Congratulations, Robert! What a great ride and adventure. It’s almost sad to see it end; I really enjoyed following along on your blog.

    Your haiku at the end of this blog was very touching; very apropos.

    1. Thanks Steve, much appreciated. It is certainly not without some sense of loss that I reach the end. But some relief too. It hasn’t really hit me yet to be honest – just another rest day so far. We shall see how it hits me when I’m back in WA…

  2. Woot! Congradulations. From the ACA forum, it sounds like you are flying back to Seattlesque.

    Just letting you know that I’ll be doing a little tour next week heading up in that direction, and will be in the Seattle area towards the end of next weekend (Aug 18). If you feel like hanging or what-not, let me know.

    1. Thanks mang. Yeah I’ll be flying back Saturday.

      All these little tours you are doing his year are adding up. It would definitely be cool to hook up, but I’m going to be living in Olympia now and I won’t have my bicycle back for a while (hopefully not too long). If you ride that way we should definitely meet, if not perhaps we could meet for an S24O halfway between P-Town and OlyWa some time.

      1. I won’t be up to the Seattle area until next weekend, the earliest. So maybe you’ll have your bike by then?

        I’ll actually be going through Rainier first, so I won’t pass by Olympia on the trip. I’ll be hitting up Vashon Island and then taking the train from Tacoma on Wednesday evening, August 22nd.

        Yeah, a pseudo S24O could be good. Lewis and Clark State Park may be an option.

        We should talk more via email, definitely.

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