Journey to the East: 6 August 2012


Sunset at Belfast Bay

the deep clear blue water
shines brightly “”
my sad shadow

Long Shadow
Today or tomorrow had to be a longer day due to camping options and I wanted it to be today. But I was slow to get started and took perhaps too many long breaks which led to me riding later than I like. But it was a much better day then yesterday – the wind was much gentler and with me most of the time and equally welcome the shift in wind had brought in dryer air and the humidity dropped. The day was a mix of those familiar hilly backroads, highways and cute little coastal towns. Yes I’m now on the edge of the Atlantic and deep bays cut into the land which necessitated several bridge crossings, usually on more major highways. On one of these more major highways, as the day was waning but I had many more miles to go, my front derailleur cable finally snapped. I’d been antipating this since the rear cable snapped but the timing cold have been better. I pulled over and replaced it and also took the opportunity to,lube the chain. My drivetrain running much smooth I returned to the highway. It was 6pm when I reached Camden which felt like a slice of merry olde England – a beautiful harbor packed with sailboats, narrow streets lined with sweet shops, bookstores and narrow alleys with pubs. I really regretted that I just immediately turned north and rode into the Camden Hills.


Fields and the Camden Hills

The hill part notwithstanding this was a spectacular section of Maine. Up for a good piece, but then down to Megunicook Lake which looks to be carved right out of the bones of the earth with many small rocky islands. After a nice section wending along the lake the route climbed back into the hills where there was farmland amongst the rolling hills and valleys. Then it was eleven miles of riding, almost always up or down down, until I descended into Belfast; yet another charming coastal town. There was a street fair going on and for the second time this tour I had to just ride on by as it was twilight and I had to get to camp. Always some minor regrets. I crossed Belfast Bay on a nice pedestrian bridge and then it was just a couple of miles on a highway to Mooring’s Oceanside RV Park and Campground. Right on the water and very reasonably priced (for the East Coast) I pitched my tent in a field as night fell.

shadows lengthening
on the hills —
a hint of the ocean

night over the bay;
shooting stars —
I enter my tent

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