Journey to the East: 3 August 2012


Covered bridge in Vermont

crossing the mountain””
another mountain

Green to White Mountains
Today I rode from the dwindling Green Mountains in Vermont to the foothills of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. No passes today but I have to say this was among the toughest riding I’ve done. The 25 miles or so I rode in Vermont were just all up and down with one hill being a 1000′ climb and that was just one of many. The humidity too was so high that I just felt sticky all day and my clothes were persistently damp. The scenery was top notch though as I mostly was riding along rocky brooks and cascading creeks. Crossing into New Hampshire (no “welcome” sign on my crossing) I spent a long time riding along the Connecticut River which while not hill free was cake compared to those deep Vermont hills and valleys. It was though sunnier and hotter as the days persistent clouds had finally, allowed the sun to burn through. Once the route turned eastwards toward the White Mountains the hills were back with another nearly 1000′ climb. Happily I was back in the trees and a big black cloud had appeared that actually sprinkled on me a bit so it was a much cooler climb. As I officially entered the White Mountain National Forest I came to the Wildwood Campground where I decided to stay for the night. A very nice, deeply wooded USFS campground – been – a long time since I’ve been in one of these.

so easy for the traveller
to become stuck
in the past and future

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  1. Hey Col, thanks for reading. You have a good time in the PNW? I heard you got up to Anacortes. Back in School in early August ? Well I’m sure it’s at least a relief for you 🙂

    You I’m in the final sprint now, will finish up this week.

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