Selected Reports

First Ride 2008

Safari in the park
My Safari on the way to work.

Finally after far too long (almost three weeks) I’m back on the bicycle today. As you can see from the above photo, I rode in on my back-up bicycle. As initially planned I was kitted out in rain gear, had loaded up the Atlantis and headed out Tuesday morning. I actually was about 20 minutes earlier then normal and thought I’d do a couple of extra miles. I did a quick swing around the cul-de-sac in my block and my right pedal felt wonky. I headed back home and saw that it wasn’t threaded straight. I grabbed my pedal wrench and as I unscrewed it found it wobbly. This was a bad sign and it turns out my fears were justified – the threads were stripped. I think I did this when I put on that intermediate set of bad pedals -they had been very difficult to get on. Anyway this was lame, yet another problem and now it was too late to get the backup bicycle ready to go. So the car again.

One of my complaints w/r/t the backup bicycle is that it is insufficiently lit for my current commute. Also I had pulled my little Cateye light from it to use as a standlight on the Atlantis. I was tired of switching this light and as I said it is a tiny light and not good enough for seeing at night (okay for visibility). I decided that as a backup bicycle the Safari was useless without a light good enough to at least do my current commute on. So I went to REI after work and bought the brightest Cateye without an external battery pack they had. This is far brighter then my current one, so I expect it will suffice – I’ll know for sure tonight. So while I await for parts to fix the Atlantis I should be set.

Riding in today I experienced that familiar sensation of joy to be back on the bicycle clashing with the physical sensations of not having ridden for three weeks. Add to that some lingering congestion from this long running cold that had kept me off the bicycle for so long and I was definitely feeling it. Still it was so good to be back riding and I felt like this exercise was the final step of recovery. So it was just my usual commute, but I’m back baby!

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