Journey to the East: 1 August 2012


Falling water in the Adirondacks

Since I came to dwell up on Cold Mountain
how many ten thousands of years have gone by . . .
Accepting chance and change, I hid away by a spring in a grove;
perched there, just watching, I was satisfied.
Not many come, out among these cliffs,
but white clouds sometimes touch, and pass . . .
Soft grass to lie down on,
blue sky for covers.
Pillowed on a rock. Happy, alive.
I’ll let Heaven and Earth take care of the changes.
-Han Shan

Paradox and beyond
It’s been three months now since I began this tour; have I lived any other life? Leaving Lake Eaton rode back to the route which immediately began to climb again before returning to rolling holls along another lake. The road quality seriously deteriorated, especially on the (rather good sized) shoulder sometimes with ripples of asphalt. I was quite happy to turn off of 28N and onto Blue Ridge Road. However this road steadily climbed culminating in a mile plus long ascent. At the top I had pulled over to answer the call of nature and on returning to the road I hit a patch of sand, my wheel twisted and a spoke popped. Not again. This was especially disconcerting as the route now descended for miles at a time – I was beginning to depart the Adriondacks. Every time I’d descend it became noticeably warmer and with the extreme humidity this made for sticky riding. A section along a river, on dirt no less, was quite scenic but I was stressing a bit about the wheel. Returning to a more major road there was one last long, long climb followed by a two or three mile descent. Very warm in this valley where I reached the town of Ticonderoga, which concludes section 10 of the Northern Tier maps. However I was not to precede to the next section, no instead I went 5 miles off route in the exact opposite direction to Rogers Rock State Park. There, as I checked in, a pair of girls on a tandem pulled up. They were doing Adventure Cycling’s Adirondack route. They were going to swing by my campsite later on so we could compare notes w/r/t our respective tours, but as I set up a massive thunderstorm rolled in. With it came seriously driving rain and I retreated into my tent to wait it out. It passed right over the campground; the lightning and thunder nearly simultaneous. After the storm had passed and I cooked dinner it was dark and I never did see those tandem tourons again.

huddling in my tent,
lightning and driving rain –
now, frogs

the full moon wanes,
as does my travels —
drops of water

2 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 1 August 2012”

  1. It is weird when you get to a point when you’re on the road for so long. April and I felt that way when we were on our big tour. Adjusting to “home life” isn’t always easy. (Actually, I don’t know if I have fully adjusted yet.)

    Though my experience with the Adirondacks is limited, it is indeed a beautiful area.

    Are you staying on the NT until Maine?

    1. Yup following the NT all the way to the end. I did some of my own routing at the beginning but the tour was just too long to do much all along the way. Still did end up doing a decent amount of off route stuff. Of course I do have to find my way back…

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