Journey to the East: 31 July 2012


Adriondacks across the lake

Sadly unroll sleepingbag:
The missing lid for teapot!
-Philip Whalen

Into green hills mountains
While the route was, if anything, even more hilly than yesterday and the heat and humidity about the same this was a much more enjoyable day of riding. It was mostly in the woods which blocked the wind and sun and the scenery has been marvelous. First I was riding along the Moose River (or Moose Baby River as I can’t help but think of it) which after two steep climbs flattened out to rolling hills and then a short stretch on hwy 28 which had very gentle climbs all the way to Old Forge. This is an old mountain tourist town filled with shops and places to eat. I spent a decent amount of time here and even managed to find an Anchor Summer Beer on draught. Refreshing! From there the riding was around lakes and though it was often up and down it was generally short rollers. This day was in the Central Adirondacks but I have to say that these seem mostly like the foothills of the Cascades back home: nothing much above 4000′, all below the tree line, no snowcapped peaks and not even really passes through these. Still love this type of country and while tiring always rewarding riding. There was one super long and steep climb on the shoulders of Blue Mountain which since I hit near the end of my day was definitely a slog. But then back to the lakeside rollers along Long Lake where I ended my day on route. Then it was a good three miles off route, with hills of course, to Lake Eaton State Park where I camped for the night. Nice state campground and my site was right on the lake. Pretty full for a Tuesday – the Adriondaks, as all the traffic this day evinced is clearly a major summer destination for the NE.

full moon
glimmering in the lake —
unexpectedly silent

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