Journey to the East: 30 July 2012


Camp under the oak

Awake a moment
Mind dreams again
Red roses black-edged petals

-Philip Whalen

Lakeside to foothills
There was only a couple of miles along Lake Ontario before my route turned eastwards again. Thus we bid a fond adieu to the Great Lakes – I won’t see such large bodies of water until the Atlantic. Turning eastwards alas meant turning into the wind, which while it seemed somewhat variable on this day, was primarily out of the east. There was a bit of gentle rolling hills for a spell, primarily through farmland. I’d reached Amish territory and saw a couple of horse drawn buggies as I rode out of Richland. Big genuine grins on those bearded faces as they waved at me. Now the hills started more in earnest; the route was almost always going up or down. There was some steep hills too – you can tell these are older roads as they’d try to keep those grades down in modern road making. I was riding into the foothills of the Adirondacks and it was mostly in the woods and along lakes and rivers. It’s nice to be back in this sort of land even if the hills and the wind combined with the heat and humidity made for an exhausting day. When I passed the Brown Barn Campground I initially intended to ride on and actually did. But decided after just a little bit the I should stop for the day. I’m glad I did as the Brown Barn is another one of those gems on the Northern Tier – only $6 for tourons and there is the titular barn with a full kitchens, showers, cheap laundry and rec room. A good opportunity to take care of some the necessities.

nearly full moon –
when did I last see fireflies?

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