Journey to the East: 29 July 2012


The sun sets over Lake Ontario

FOR NOTHING (excerpt)
A flower
for nothing;
an offer;
no taker
Snow-trickle, feldspar, dirt.
-Gary Snyder

Climbing the coastline
Today the route followed the curve of Lake Ontario trending Northeast all day. It would duck in from the waterside for many miles but always returned. It was the hottest day in a while and the humidity has been rather high – a trend that apparently is going to continue for the next couple of days. Many miles were spent inland riding through orchards, farmland and various towns including the larger town of Fulton. On the coastal parts of the ride the towns were smaller, more charming and with a tourist bent. It was also a much hillier days ride than I’ve had in a long time. Hills all day some of them quite steep. The wind was against me most of the day as well making for overall a fairly tiring day. At the end of the day I reached Selkirk Shores State Park, where I found an excellent site in the woods that was nice and cool. I walked to the shore to watch the sunset which was among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The clouds and haze were lit from behind from sun shifting in hue from orange to pink to grey. It just got more subtle, textured and captivating as the sun slipped away.

sitting; listening –
trying to clear my mind of the road


Firey clouds

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