Tour 2007 – References

I’d always planned for this tour to be pretty opened ended, without guaranteed destinations or pre booked places to go. There are a lot of options for camping, motelling, hostels etc on the route and I’d figured I’d stop when I felt I was done. That being said I did do a bunch of research beforehand to discover just how flexible I could be. Once I was out in the National Forest I heavily used Kirkendale and Springs Cycling the Pacific Coast as a guide. Though after having done so, I’d question a lot of their decisions (more on that in another post).  So since I did all this research, here is the information I gathered.


Bicycling The Pacific Coast: A Complete Route Guide, Canada To Mexico (fourth edition)
by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall
Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 0898869544

Cascade Cycling Clubs RSVP route.


Port Townsend

Port Townsend Bicycling Association:
Main Page:
Maps and routes:
Port Townsend Guide:
Main Page:
Bicycling pages:
Maps pages:

Port Angeles

Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce:

Thor Town Hostel:

Olympic Peninsula Cycling

Bicycling the Olympic Peninsula:
Main Page:

Olympic Discovery Org:
Olympic Discovery Trail

Washington State

WA State Parks:

National Services

National Park Service:
Olympic National Park:

Forest Service:

National Forest
Campground guide:


Bounded Shores (My Last tour):

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