Journey to the East: 21 July 2012


The Backatcha Bandit strikes again

Develop a mind which rests on no thing whatever.
-The Diamond Sutra

Should have been done long ago
The wind continued to be against me on this day but instead of the ~18mph it was instead a sedate ~6mph. There was however none of the morning clouds so it got pretty warm as the day wore on. The route was a mix of riverside, farmland and cities. Ohio is definitely a much more developed state and the route really worked to wend its way out in the countryside. One great stretch of road was Scotch Ridge Road which followed the Portage River. All along it people, were having garage sales and as I approached the small burg of Pemberville it seemed nearly every other house was having one. Turned out to be a community wide garage sale this weekend. The mid-sized town of Fremont was little reminder of home (though clearly there is only one Center of the Universe) where I joined the North Coast Inland Trail. I was on this for about 9 miles and after an initial river crossing it was quite flat and straight. From there it was a hot and almost perfectly dead east ride to Avery, where just a quarter mile off route I found the Milan Mobile Park where I’d stay this night. An expensive private place, right near the Ohio Turnpike, an active train track and some light industry I can’t call this my favorite local. But the tenting sites were in the trees away from the RV bits and the showers were top drawer. So it worked out all right.

A trip update: I crossed the four thousand mile threshold on this day. There is just over a thousand miles left on the Northern Tier.

The monarch of butterflies
deigns to fly ‘longside
– thin crescent day moon



4 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 21 July 2012”

  1. 4K miles. That’s a great milestone, Robert! I’ve been following your adventure pretty much since its outset. And I gotta tell ya, this is the best reality program of all. Not that I watch television; I don’t.

    Also, I’ve noticed that your writing has really developed over time.

    (Still waiting for summer in Seattle)

      1. Let’s hope so. Although last week we had a couple of 70ish and low-80ish afternoons. I’m hoping August is a bit more consistent; would really love to do some long weekend rides in nice weather for a change.

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