Tour 2007 – day 8

After I posted last nights update I went on to do some reading of Huck Finn. Not too far into it the bulb went on my flashlight, can’t think of when that’s happened before. So I ended up going to bed early and hence woke up a bit early. On getting up I discovered that my rear tire was completely flat- why I ask you? Well nothing for of but to put on my final spare and hope I make it to Aberdeen. So I change it and make breakfast and pack up and head out. I think I forgot to mention thus yesterday but there seemed to be TWO other south bound touring cyclists in my camp that night. One was a Dutch girl doing the whole coast from I believe Alaska, and the other I discovered as I passed him just outside of camp was the fellow from the Sequim campsite! I bid him good morning and continued on.

There was two aspects to today’s ride and the first was just like the day before- rolling hills, clearcuts though there seemed to be even more logging trucks. I made pretty good time through this section helped along by the bright sunny skies. For once the day had opened clear instead of the usual morning fog and clouds. There was no stores till Humptulips do I stopped there for water and batteries for my camera. Just past this store was Kirkpatrick Road, well as that’s my surname I was pleased to see that. Continuing on 101 there was one of those famous no shoulder roads then a long climb just past Humptulips. Another mile and a half I see another convenience store and I wonder if I should stop, services had been pretty few and far between so far. I was a bit reluctant as an ambulance had pulled in just ahead of me and was treating someone- kind of a downer. Checking my route guide I found I had missed my turn back at Humptilips.

I rode back and yes ended up on Kirkpatrick Road. This was some great country riding and it was a relief to get away from all the traffic of 101. But Kirkpatrick road had a log of chipseal and a tough long feisty climb at the start and if course no shoulder to speak of. After that climb it was miles on a plateau with only a bit of up and down now and again. But I wad approaching this coast again and reading due west so the headwind was fierce. As Kirkpatrick road ended the next road was even more into the wind and them it turned right into it and I found one of the toughest climbs of the tour so far. Ouch. But after that I was on the coast and the wind was with me and the road mostly flat.

The road was mostly shoulder-less and a lot of tourist traffic but in general it was easy riding. I passed trough several little coastal towns and then finally the largest burg in these parts Ocean Shores. Now the proscribed rout has you go up this peninsula and take a passenger ferry to another coastal town with the days campsite. There was some doubt as to whether this would still be running so I rode there first thing. It turned out tone about 4 miles south of Ocean Shores and was only running weekends. Well a bummer but not devastating as there was a campsite just north of Ocean Shores and a road back to my route that skirts the ferry passage. I did want to do the ferry, but it’ll keep.

The ride north directly against the wind was tough maybe the strongest headwind I’ve ever ridden in. Eventually I slogged my way back 6 miles and set up camp at Ocean City State Park. It looks like it will be a crowded site all told as people head out to camp in the last days of summer. I showered and unloaded the bicycle then rode into Ocean Shores for dinner. I’m at the Galway Bay Irish Pub and greatly enjoyed a seafood Pasty, potato soup and of course several beers. Next up some time on the beach.

I did a quick detour to a hardware store to get either a new flashlight or a bulb for my mini Maglight. Happily I was able to do both, by buying a new Maglight they fame with a spate bulb. The I headed to the beach with a quick stop at Murphy’s handmade ice creams where I had a chocolate mint ice cream – very good more creameries should make this flavor. I rode up to the beach and walled up it as the sun set. Spectacular, the red ball of the sun sank below the horizon you could watch it directly. After it set I rode up the beach a bit and excited by the hotels. The back to camp and to bed. Well I did some reading in Huck Finn but I as beat so I so retired. Or st least tried to, as I feared it was loud in camp with dogs going at it, people jawing and then after I had actually fallen asleep for a while a big group arrived and loudly setup. Eventually they settled in and just the sound of the surf was audible. I ended up sleeping quite well.

Miles ridden to campsite – 66.3
Additional miles in Ocean Shores – 6.8
Total miles today – 73

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