Journey to the East: 19 July 2012


George Rickey, Twenty-Four Lines, 1968

How Zen Masters Are Like Mature Herring
So few become full grown
And how necessary all the others;
    Gifts to the food chain
    feeding another universe.
These big ones feed sharks.
-Gary Snyder

Fast moves in Fort Wayne
This was the second of the short days that I partially spent with my parents in Fort Wayne. We did a combo of resupplying for the tour and activities in Fort Wayne. First we went to the very excellent co-op where I was able to get all my bulk foods refreshed and such vital items as refilling my bottle of Doctor Bronners 18 in 1 soap. Following that we went to the Fort Wayne Art Museum where we didn’t have too much time but there wasn’t too much to my taste anyway (lots of regionalism). A very small contemporary gallery whose highlight was the kinetic sculpture pictured above. Also there was some nice photos by Dayne Bonta, the best of which were trees in winter printed out on a rough paper. After lunch it was time to get back on the road. My parents dropped me off near the route and soon enough I was back on it. It was only twenty miles to Monroeville where I was going to stay on this short day. I had to go to the library to call regarding staying at the city park and there the librarian helped me out and made the call for me. Such friendly people. In Monroeville you can stay inside the park pavilion which is a big room with a kitchen, shower and laundry. All free though you can leave a donation. A great little town with nice people who’ve been helping cross country cyclists since the Bike-Centennial.

It was a real treat to get to see the parents who made the long drive from Nashville to see me enroute. Once I knew they were coming I had some supplies sent to them which they then brought to me. A new tire to replace my worn rear (over ten thousand miles on it and probably could have stretched it another thousand: Schalwbe Marathon Plus’ are the best touring tire hands down), a new seersucker shirt and replacement gloves as my last pair had deteriorated. So huge thanks Mom and Dad and it was wonderful to see you.

behind a stand of trees
a hidden field of gold –

a green and purple field
with a lovely scent –

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  1. Wonderful seeing you Rob, more good memories to add to our arsenal of good times! We accomplished a lot in a short time. Grateful that good people have been so helpful on this most amazing trip!

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