Journey to the East: 18 July 2012


metal giants
stride across the cornfields
dealing electricity with both hands

When Giants roamed the earth
My night at Kil-So-Quah was pretty rough as the temperatures stayed pretty much in the 80s until near dawn. I also kept being disturbed by a little raccoon that kept going for my food bag. I’d put a lock on the zipper after a raccoon had gotten a previous food bag so it wasn’t able to get in, but it kept trying. I’d chase it off but then it’d be back an hour or so later. After about four attempts it finally gave it up. I lingered in camp for a bit but when I finally hit the road the I rode back through the woods to the main route and once again was back in farmland. Still a bit of rolling hills and of course the occasional tiny town. But I only rode about 20 miles on the route and before noon had left the route on a spur into Fort Wayne. My parents had decided to drive up from the Nashaville area and see me while touring and we were meeting in the city. So while not taking a full rest day I ended up with a couple of very short days. On this day I got laundry done even before I met my parents and we checked into our hotel and explored Fort Wayne a bit.


Moonrise Kingdom

I also finally got a chance to see the latest Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom which I thoroughly enjoyed. It has the usual excellent design and attention to detail that one has come to expect from a Wes Anderson production but seem really different camerawork and a more gauzy overall look. Definitely heavily referencing a specific set of films, French New Wave of course but also some 50/60s Americana (think those faux historical Disney pictures). As usual the music was very creative and absolutely apropos. I’d need to see it again before really trying to review it but I gotta say I definitely dug it and was glad I got a chance to see it while on the tour.

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