Journey to the East: 15 July 2012

Written by robert on July 16th, 2012


King Corn

In the tree’s shade –
A wind,
Travellers both.

Back again amongst the corn and soy in the heat, this was probably the most monotonous day yet of the tour. Almost completely flat with just the gentlest of rollers now and again. There was a light breeze from the west pushing me along most of the day and nary a cloud in the sky to block the suns rays. The route was mostly due easy, sometimes ruler straight for an hour or more of riding. Every so often it’d go south for a cole miles before resuming the eastward march. It being Sunday what few tiny towns on the route were shut down and so I pretty much just rode with a break at the bar/restaurant outside of Ashkum. It now being afternoon it was decidedly hot and humid and I had the “pleasure” of riding on some gravel roads. Arriving in Iroquois I found the City Park where I’d be staying this night. Nice big park with lots of trees; I welcomed the shade. We often are supposed to notify someone when we stay at these parks but the last few times my cell phone has had ‘no service’ and I was unable to comply. The same was the cad here but then I got one bar of reception and called the mayor. He came by and let me store my bicycle in the maintenance shed and stay in the attached offices which had a bathroom with shower and was air conditioned. So worth making those calls when you can.

taking a leak amongst the corn –
butterflies all around

heat, corn, grasshoppers –
being fully present


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  1. Joan Kirkpatrick says:

    Big pay off for that phone call!

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