Journey to the East: 13 July 2012


Wind Power

Yet walking in the rain,
This is a care-free journey.

Tilting against windmills
Really humid this morning and though there were clouds to block the direct sun it just got hotter and more uncomfortable as the day wore on. The landscape was again almost all cornfields with the occasional rolling hill but there were several wind farms to break up the monotony. I really enjoy these big abstract windmills and am always happy to see them slowly spinning to themselves. By lunchtime I’d arrived in the town of Kewanee which was the largest town I’d seen in days. I restocked supplies and laid in a bit extra as the days ahead looked pretty sparse. back on the road the early afternoons ride was quite uncomfortable as the heat and humidity hit a fever pitch. However as I left the small town of Bradford big black clouds were pouring in and drizzle stared soon after and the wind picked up. Then a full on downpour began with winds now so strong the rain stung as it was whipped into my face. At several points I had to pull over and crouch down among the corn to block this intense wind. Eventually I took shelter under a tree totally soaked I realized I was cool for the first time in weeks. Im sure the farmers were grateful for the rain, I’ve been hearing for weeks from the locals id talk to about how troublesome the lack of rain was. The rain and wind died down and I took back to the bicycle. Really enjoyable riding the last twenty miles or so – cool, no wind and the occasional bit of drizzle. There was a big two county fair going on in the tiny town of Henry but I passed it by (destruction derby tonight!) and camped at Waterworks park which was right on the Illinois river.

In the gentle summer breeze
the windmills lazily spin

Suddenly a thunderstorm!
Whipping winds, driving rain –
finally cool again

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