Tour 2007 – day 4

There was no service with AT&T at the Fairholm campground last night so I wasn’t able to complete my daily dispatch. No matter, but worth mentioning for those following along at home. Limited power for tonight so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I awoke in the Sequim campground and went through the routine of packing while the water boiled for coffee and oatmeal. My fellow touron was still in his tent which must have been about 12 hours in there. By the time I was fully packed, dishes done etc he was out having a smoke! I made my way up the hill from the campground to 101 and headed for Sequim with thoughts of pancakes. I explored a forthcoming segment of the Olympic Discovery Trail but it dead ended forcing backtracking. As I descended into town now on the actual trail I saw my former camp mate riding the 101 along the trail. I waved and said hi as I passed and he returned my greeting- the only words we had spoken.

The cafe I had been to before here wasn’t open Mondays or Tuesdays so I assembled a passable breakfast from several coffee ships. Buzz has good brew, FYI. I soon left town and now it was the Olympic Discovery Trail (henceforth ODT) all the way to Port Angeles. I’ve ridden thus trail the other direction and it’s a fun trail- mixed terrain though mostly paved, some steep bits where you go into river valleys where the trestles haven’t been rebuilt, some bits on roads and one bit at the end that skirts around a gas storage facility. At the end the trail joins the Port Angeles waterfront trail and ends right at the docks.

It was lunchtime, I was right on my schedule: roughly 30 miles in each segment. I wanted to find a brewpub and get Fish ‘n Chips and I did find a brewpub. No food but they had (the winter beer) Pyramid Snowcap on tap so I had to have one. From there back to the waterfront where I got my fish n’ chips. I saw several other tourons at the port but coming I’d going who can say? After my grub it was time foe the second leg 35 miles to the Fairholm Campground.

The weather had began gray but it was mostly sunny now and warm. The stiff climb out of Port Angeles up a steep shoulder-less well used route was not improved by thus show of sun. The route back to 101 goes through son nice residential PA and then some country riding but damn if it doesn’t have some climbs, especially the last one to the highway. From here I’d is 101 riding with the usual- traffic, rolling hills, trees and the occasional mountain view. The weather though began to get threatening and then it began to mist. Then drizzle. Finally it was raining good. I stopped to get water and pulled on my rain jacket but felt I’d wasn’t hard enough yet for the pants. That would change just a few miles up the road.

One of the most notorious parts of this route us the ten mile segment around Lake Crescent. The shoulder disappears but the traffic does not. It was at the sign where you push a button to warn drivers that cyclists are on the road that I pulled on my rain pants. I hit the button and began thus dangerous route in what was now pouring rain. It begins with a long descent which soaked me thoroughly. Then it twists and turns goes up and down hugging the contours of the lake. The shoulder us small but not entirely gone which was nice. Also while there was a steady stream of traffic going back not nearly as much was fount my way. That was fortunate and I had few points where I held up any cars. A grueling ten miles which I rode flat out and it rained the whole way. I was quite relieved to see the end if the lake and the campground.

I set up in the rain then paid and went to the store to get something for dinner. The store was in process of closing for the season and had nearly packed everything up. I got water and an apple and went back and made ramen. This was my emergency supply I had laid in just today after the oatmeal for dinner the night before. Good thing. The hot ramen and a cup of hot tea earned me up good. I then crawled into my tent arranged my wet things and spent the evening reading Huckleberry Finn and listen to the fairly raucous group a few sites away. They didn’t let some rain spoil the good time.

Today miliage: 57.3

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