Journey to the East: 12 July 2012


Last view of the Mississippi

if I cross –
How many mountains and rivers,
When shall I reach,
The realm of no loneliness.
Today also traveling.

Farewell Big Muddy
Today I rode away from the Mississippi which has been a near constant companion since Itasca, MN. The nights camping on the edge of the river was excellent; one of the best ‘grounds in a while. When. night feel it became sonically rich with the mechanical whine of the cicadas, the strange grinding of the tree frogs, whirring crickets, the calls of various birds and so on. Leaving the river today the route gently climbed out of the river valley for some time and then it was flat cornfields for as far as the eye could see. And that’s how it’s going to be for a while. Mostly flat with some rollers, farmland, the occasional tiny town. It’s heating back up (alas) reach 90 or so,today. This trend is supposed to continue (also alas). Not too long a day thankfully after yesterday’s epic ride and by five pm or so I was at the Timbers Campground near the tiny town of Cambridge IL.

Above the sun baked road
a yellow and a white butterfly

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