Journey to the East: 8 July 2012


on the Great River Off-Road trail

Settling, white dew
does not discriminate,
each drop its home

Three states, one day
I decided to ride the Great River Off-Road trail just across the Mississippi in Wisconsin inside of the primary route. So I crossed the river on this big bridge and rode the hwy on the Wisconsin side for a bit before entering the trail at Marshland. Very neat trail, thought wetlands and wildlife refuges, in which I saw a crane, numerous frogs and turtles and of course many unidentifiable birds. The tail then follows the old Mississippi scenic road and was a great riding surface though trees and farmland with many trestles. Nice and flat; this was a good break from the road. The route ended in North LaCrosse and I took regional trails into La Crosse proper. A decent sized college town here I checked out bookstores, re-supplied at an excellent co-op and had a beer at the Bodega Brew pub (which didn’t seem to actually brew but had 15 beers on tap).



Riding the trail actually added about 15 miles to the route and I still wanted to make it to Lansing, Iowa today so after leaving La Crosse I hauled ass. This bit of riding was excellent – along the river with big ridges to the west that blocked the sun most of the time. Mostly flat with the occasional gentle ups and downs. I ran into the Bob towing touron wIth whom I stayed at camp yesterday just outside of Iowa and we agreed to meet at the campground near Lansing. I pressed on and reached Iowa and then Lansing where they were setting up for a barbershop quartet concert right in town. Heading west for a couple miles I reached the Red Barn Resort and Campground where I stayed for the night. This long day at 86 miles is the new tour distance record holder.

Pure white crane
lifts from the marsh —
the whine of cicadas

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    1. ’twas good times – thanks for the extra bit of motivation. I should note that I also tried a New Glarius beer which was good but some weird varietal – probably not what you had.

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