Journey to the East: 7 July 2012


It was like a fire in the sky

Everyone’s journey
through this world is the same,
so I won’t complain.
Here on the plains of Nasu,
I place my trust in the dew.


After the storm
Last night, around midnight, a thunderstorm rolled through bringing with it torrential rain and cooler temperatures. After it had passed I actually got into my sleeping bag for the first time in several days. The next day dawned cooler and mostly overcast – a very welcome change. And what a difference the 15 or so degrees made. The days riding was a real pleasure. First descending from the wooded bluffs where the campground was located to the shore of the Mississippi which I’d be along most of the day. However the route tries to stay off highways so there was a long and hilly jog west and then back east. In between the hills was genuinely rolling farmland. Most of which I just moved through thanks to a tailwind. On another of theses jogs, this one a flatter more eastwardly one, I ran into the Bob towing touron, S__, whom I’d encountered the day before. We ended up riding together (mostly on hwy 61) all the way to Winona where we split a site at the large and well occupied Prairie Island Campground. A nice days riding and I enjoyed the company. Stunning sunset that night mostly painting the clouds vivid colors but also putting a glow on the river.

Along the big slow river,
sun burning through the haze –
clouds of gnats

2 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 7 July 2012”

  1. Hi Rob,

    GREAT photos — so fun to catch up on your travels. Just got back from MI tonight. Hope the weather gets a bit cooler for you! Enjoy the trek along the river — it is beautiful!

    1. Hey thanks for the kind words. It is cooling down a bit, at least from the 100+ days; hopefully the Midwest cools down as well. Hope you had fun in the U.P. And have a great time in Poland.

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