Journey to the East: 4 July 2012

Fireworks at the Stone Arch bridge, Minneapolis (not my pic)

Celebrate America by blowing up a piece of it
Another day off at my cousins. I’d planned to be out of campgrounds on the fourth so another bit of good timing with my arrival in the Twin Cities. I spent the morning running errands and then working on the bicycle: put on the new wheel, adjusted the brakes and replaced the chain. Also put the panniers back on and replaced the bulk of my stuff. Almost ready to resume touring. After dinner (excellently prepar by my cousin) we went downtown. He gave me a tour of the Mill District and environs and we hung out a bit at an Irish Pub that had Black Butte porter. After that we headed to the Stone Arch Bridge to watch the fireworks. It was crazy crowded and our view was a bit obstructed (hince the photo from Flickr up top) but still got some nice views. Not an overly long show, which with the heat having topped 100 (F) today was just fine. A nice way to celebrate the fourth and a excellent conclusion to my well deserved long break in the Twin Cities.

Tomorrow’s Song (excerpt)

The USA slowly lost its mandate
in the middle and later twentieth century
it never gave the mountains and rivers,
    trees and animals,
      a vote
all the people turned away from it
  myths die; even continents are impermanent
-Gary Snyder

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