Journey to the East: 2 July 2012


Since I didn't ride today, here's a trail into Minnesota

I’m spending a few days at my cousins in the Maple Grove suburb of Minneapolis. The timing on my arrival was fortuitous as the heat wave that is plaguing the bulk of the nation is in full force here as well. I also was in need of re-upping some supplies, so I spent most this day running errands. I managed to get almost all the things I needed including a new riding shirt as my original Rivendell seersuckers disintegrated on this trip. My rear wheel had become wobbly so I took it in to be trued but it turned out the rim was severely cracked and it needed a rebuild. And of course nobody had a touring quality wheel in stock and what with the Fourth of July holiday one couldn’t be ordered in a timely fashion. After trying three shops the last one did have a decent enough rim and would be able to build me a new wheel by tomorrow. So that was a relief, if an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence. Major thanks to my cousins family for facilitating all this running around.

I also while I’ve been here been uploading photoes every night to the Flickr group. The most recent batch includes Glacier and the crossing of Marias Pass. Check em out here: Tour 2012 Photoset. Below I’ll embed one of these recent uploads.

Tour 2012 Day 35 - macro flower 2

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