Journey to the East: 1 July 2012


Paddleboat on the Saint Croix river in Stillwater, MN

no place to hide from the blazing sun
the water flows by

The days just keep getting hotter and the humidity just saps your soul. Luckily this was a short day prior to a few days off in the Twin Cities. I rode from the Float Rite party zone back into Minnesota – my Wisconsin adventure being quite short lived. There was a short, steep descent down to the Saint Croix river and once across I was back in the land of Ten Thousand Lakes in the quaint town of Stillwater. I spent a bit of time wandering around Stillwater before climbing the massive hill out. I was following a highway but pretty shortly a trail appeared and I rode along the highway separated from the traffic. It wasn’t a flat trail by any stretch but when I turned south onto the Gateway Trail it was much flatter and much more shaded. The trail system in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region is pretty amazing and I just brushed the surface of it. I rode that trail for nearly 10 miles and then wandered through neighborhood streets for a bit. Finally I arrived at Como Park where I’d arranged for my cousin to pick me up. So not a long days ride but with the heat and being in general need of a rest day that was a-okay.

The sun shines wearingly down –
are those vultures circling overhead?

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